Dual Wielding Mod for Minecraft PE 0.12.1

The Dual Wielding Mod makes it viable to keep two items on the identical time, one in every hand. Nathan adams (a mojang developer) hinted simply months ago that dual wielding will probably be a feature inside the minecraft 1.8 for PC . And that appears to have been the factor that flickered the concept for this mods for minecraft pe.

How does it work?

After you’ve got established the blocklauncher addon and entered a world in-recreation you will see one item in every hand, irrespective of which object you are holding. It’ll only be visible in case you are in first individual view.

Dual Wielding doesn’t provide you with any greater benefits. Currently it’s most effective for the visible effect but it’s too early to mention what the future would possibly hold. But hopefully the creator intend to retain the improvement and introduce more functions, consisting of an improved attack harm or the possibility to hold distinct items.


Dual Wielding


Dual Wielding